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We will teach the old ways
The way of the Celtic people
The way of Spirit, Healing and Story Telling

 Poetry, Word and Song
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The Magical side of things

Picture Truth is like a whisper on the wind, Heard by few Ignored by many

Narrow water, looking South from Warrenpoint-Newry road, Co Down

Connecting with the Spirits of the land is the single most important thing you can do. Before we can connect with even ourselves we need the grounding that only the land and nature spirits can provide.

That grounding brings us back to the part of nature that gives us inner peace. Never forget we are nature, taken away from our true selves, by ourselves, man, society and the need for false power. Your True power lies within.

If we take away all the man made things in our lives what would we have? Life. Try it for yourself, go to a private place, anywhere in nature (everyone knows somewhere). Sit for a while and notice the quietness around you, shed all your man made things take off all your clothes (only if circumstances allow) even for a few minutes and be as nature intended. Feel the breeze on your skin the warmth of the sun even the cool rain if it is wet. After you have taken the time to do this you will be a different person.

Remember Man (humankind) is the only creature in nature that choose to be superior to everything else. Killing for fun, making clothing at the cost of other lives, destroying the world because they can. The misconception most people have about the world is it’s too late to change, the damage is done.

I do not say change the world, many have tried and failed only to be called names and made an outcast. I can’t change the world and I don’t want to.

As was once said by a great philosopher Jesus Christ “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Mark 12:17

Let them have what they want. I only change myself, for I am who I am.

Copyright © Patrick E Carberry 2016
Words of Inspiration From Our Members

I am Ireland

I reach the sky with all my pride. I’ll never let that pride subside.

As years went by and time did fly, the land did change but never I.

People took my rock to build their homes on land beneath my hills.

I’m very proud to say you see, my rock will never fail for thee.

People talking far and wide, are always talking of my pride.

My pride in them their pride in me, that is how it's meant to be

The people's will be still you see, to never stray too far from me

People listen people learn, but people always will return.


As people come and people go, I am the land that they all know

As people come to visit me, I show them how it's meant to be.

When people leave this land you see, I send my dreams to comfort thee.

I’m the one that calls you home, for here is where your home should be.


People draw and picture me, I stand here tall for all to see

Come and play and have your fun, for I am here for everyone.

So if you come and talk to me, I’ll help you with their life you see.

For I am you and you are me, that is how it's meant to be.

By Patrick E Carberry


Copyright © Patrick E Carberry 2016

Mourne Mountains
Mourne Mountains
Cave Hill
Cave Hill


Dundrum Castle


As I grew so tall and proud, my people safe within my shroud

Armies come from foreign lands, to fight and kill, and take my land

Blood will flow when fighting foe, my walls protecting as they go

As the years went by the blood did fly, with battles all around

I did my job I stood my ground, as the armies were inbound


I stand with pride I've served my time, as I watch the days go by

I watch the land around me change, but people always die

I see the towns beyond my walls, grow and change by day

The towns they changed, the railway came, more people pass this way


An army came from a foreign land, but they are not the foe

They prepare to fight in foreign lands, as I watch them come and go

This time I see them go prepared, and they will meet their foe

I'm glad to see them return home, and leaving me here alone


Children play where the armies lay, with their family all around

People come to see me now, with talk of days gone by

I now have stood 800 years, but you'll never see me cry

For I am Dundrum Castle, all I ask is why so many had to die

By Patrick E Carberry

Copyright © Patrick E Carberry 2016

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