photo os man with a sign saying prepare to meet thy God
I was out and about taking photographs and noticed this interesting sign being carried in the croward.

Why I found it so interesting, well as I'm sure you know it's a Christian sign about GOD.

'Prepare to meet thy God' refering to the Christian God but the word 'Thy' inffered 'Your' which means more than one God.

At the turn of the seventeenth century, thee and thou were at an all-time high in written usage. However, by the 1620s, you had overtaken these now old-fashioned-sounding words. So if they are to use signs such as this then they should at least know what it means.

So finally they admit other Gods.
 One up for the Pagans.
photo Festival of colours
Festival of Colour (Holi)
Titanic Exhibition Centre 3rd April

The Order of the Golden River attended 'The Festival of Colours' or 'Holi' (which translates to 'Colour' in Hindi).

Celebrating the arrival of Spring in a truly spectacular fusion of colour, culture and creativity.

We received a warm welcome from everyone and have lots of enquiries for membership to the Order.
photo Festival of colours
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