Membership Updates

Last update Nov 2016

Membership of the Order will be kept confidential and will not appear in any documents which will be passed to outside agencies (with the exception of law enforcement matters on production of legal paperwork). We do not store digital data on any members. All records are in paper form and locked away.

The Order will also have High Priests and Priestess, with varying lower grades. These Grades will be elected via their Training and competence. This will be carried out by the Sovereign and Higher Guardians.

An invitation to join the Order will be offered only by the Sovereign, taking into account the recommendations of the sub-committee and the Guardians.

The Sovereign is the only full time member of the Order. As such the Sovereign is registered as a Minster of Religion. All activities of the Sovereign shall be to promote the aims of the Order. The Sovereign shall retain his trading name of Silent Oak. The Sovereign's income will NOT be taken from the Order of The Golden River. The funds raised via his spiritual activities and some funds raised trading as Silent Oak will be used for the improvment of the Order. Anything paid to the Sovereign will only be paid as per committee vote. In order to keep building the order other fundraising activities will be needed from time to time. Consumables such as candles, hire of temple space, office space and supplies etc. which are needed to keep things running are also paid from these Order funds.

Members are asked to pay a small donation into a collection box at all meetings. Membership is FREE and these small donations help keep things running.
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