Make Up of the Order

The Order will be made up of three elements. Which are as follows:

1 The Advanced

The highest and most secret part of the Order. Only the most dedicated of members rise to this position, hence the Advanced members. are few in number. Our aim is to grow and expand the advanced membership.

2  Standard Membership

Made up of trusted like minded people, with the potential to progress to the Advanced membership. People when entering will receive training in all the arts connected with the Celtic ways of old. Some of the progress will be of a secret nature with continuous reviews, also as from time to time we may have a guest speaker who will charge for their services. This will be opened to all and a set fee will be payable.(with members receiving a reduced rate of course).

3 Guests

Made up of guests wishing to be involved with the order. This part of the order is set out to help everyone and word should be spread to promote the aims of the Order. These guests are not members as such and will be restricted in the information they are given. They will be more involved with the fundraising for the Charity side of the Order. However these guests can also progress to the Membership if they wish

The founder and current Sovereign of the Order of the Golden River is Patrick Eamon Carberry who's true name ( spiritual name ) is Nighthunter. Here after known as the Sovereign. Any Sovereign will remain in office indefinitely and If the Sovereign should become terminally ill or wish to resign, the Sovereign shall nominate a new Sovereign to take over. If the Sovereign should die suddenly then the Advanced Members under the guidance of the Guardians should nominate a new Sovereign form their ranks. The work of the Order of the Golden River should always move forward and never die.

There will be Guardians of the Order. When appointed shall remain in office until they those to retire. All the management and administration of the Order shall be overseen by the Sovereign and the Guardians. The only way a Guardian can be removed from power is if he or she has broken the Laws of the Order in such a way as to cause harm to the Order which results in serious losses or harm to its members. A Guardian can also be asked to step down if he or she can no longer give enough time to the Order.



If a dispute arises between any members of the Order the parties involved should try to resolve the issue themselves. However if the dispute cannot be resolved in this manner a Guardian shall try to mediate between the parties. If the issue still can not be resolved then the rules of the Order shall apply. The final course of action is that the Advanced Members shall discuss the issue and if a resolution cannot be found then and only then the Sovereigns decision shall be final.

Any member can approach the Sovereign for a private conversation in which that member may discuss any matter which concerns them. That matter can be very personal and the Sovereign will be bound by confidentiality. The matters will never be discussed with anyone without that persons consent.
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