Golden River Trust

Set up in 2014 as part of the Order as a charity, The Golden River Trust
Promoting and providing Alternative Therapies, Alternative Belief Systems, Promoting and Teaching Self Healing via Classes and Workshops and much more.

Treatments and services offered by The Golden River Trust can be offered with reductions in costs or even in some cases Free of Charge.

The Golden River Trust is a Registered Charity NIC 100990
Adults and Children
Sacred / Angel / Energy Healing
Massage and Holistic Counselling The Old Ways

Children are just like adults, children suffer from stress and other related illnesses and will benefit from Holistic Massage/healing. Oils are used with children in mind, benefiting their growth and helping with pains, including those pains labeled as growing pain. Oils can be blended for each individual as no two people are the same. Holistic healing could provide that extra boost and complement the treatment given by their doctor.

Always remember if your child has any health problems holistic treatment is not a replacement for medical treatment but assists the healing process. You should always consult your doctor if you suspect a problem.
Treatments we have helped with in the past.
Growing Pain
Skin conditions
Asthma / Breathing
Confidence Building

massage 2

Soul Retrieval / Past Life Healing

Most people who are suffering from fears and anxiety, unable to breakaway from a past tragedy constantly reliving events over and over again would benefit from a Soul retrieval which helps heal the soul.
This involves the Shaman journeying with the client into the past to retrieve the parts of the soul which were left behind. This normally takes two sessions which normally last up to one hour each.
For the more unexplained fears a past life healing is useful which again can take up to two hours but lasts only one session.

Helps To

Understand Phobias
Breaking Away From Grief
Helping to Ground
Working with your Spiritual Journey
Helping to Understand The World from a Natural Point of View

All our treatments are given in a room which is dedicated only for the use of Holistic Therapies. Using the old ways to the fullest, you will not find the modern clinical approach. We prefer the more personal and comfortable style. However if you prefer us to use a treatment bench


then we can also accommodate.  
There are many different types of massage you can choose from. These will be discussed when you attend your appointment. I'm sure we will find one which suits your needs and comfort.

All Massage treatments are private and confidential so

massage maleplease be assured all your information and identity will be kept that way.
We do not and will not use your information for any reason other than to comply with

massage3our duty of care.
Anything you say to your therapist will be kept private
No information will be kept on electronic media.

Please note other services such as Psychic Readings, Past Life Regressions, Animal Therapies, Dowsing, Shamanic Journeying, etc cannot be offered under the Golden River Trust Charity but are still available with the Order of the Golden River.
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