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Patrick Eamon Carberry

Patrick is a Traditional Celtic Shaman / Druid and is known worldwide. Having entered the International Psychic Challenge Season 13 in Ukraine 2014, Patrick finished worlds No8.  (Hay nobodys perfect)
While in Ukraine Patrick went into Median Square to help people at the start of the revolution, he said "it was a horrific experience, seeing the blood and bullet holes where people fell, a man fell in front of us, blood pouring from his mouth, nothing could be done to save him". When asked if he would do it again, without hesitation he said "yes" when asked why he said "if everyone run away, no one would get helped, I do what I have to do to help others"

A Message from Patrick
Hello everyone

I have had lots of nice things said about me in the recent past and some things not so nice (Hate Mail), people taking time to send me mail, even taking time to hate me, I find this all very humbling. I setup the Order of the Golden River on 1st November 2009, but because of other things getting in the way I let the Order go dormant. With encouragment from friends I decided to work with the Order again.

I would like to clear up some of the misconceptions about myself, which has caused some confusion.

I have all my life been involved with Shamanism, Nature and Psychic abilities, which have been handed down in my family. Even this confused me as I struggled to fine myself. I have worked in a number of different career's over my 52 years. I use some of my former career's as a hobby. They are not hidden and I will gladly share them with you.

My last career was as a chef in a local hotel in Downpatrick, County Down (haunted I might add). This is the job I give up to move forward with the Order and concentrate on my Shamanism and Psychic abilities. I gained experience and other abilities as a Driving Instructor giving me an insight into teaching. I worked in security for 19 years, part time and full time. I was a Freelance Photo Journalist in the 90's and I still do a little of that today. I write articles for Atlantis Eire, I run the website my other websites and are run in my spare time. As you can see time is limited.

I don't wish to leave anyone with any doubt about myself, for I have nothing to hide. When I fine spare time I enjoy walking in the Mountains, Rock Climbing, Sailing and Writing, these things bring me closer to nature and Spirit.

As you read through these websites and other articles you can find online, you will build your own picture of me. I encourage everyone to think for themselves. I am the public face of the Order of the Golden River for one reason and only one reason which is, I am the only one who gets this hate mail and ridicule for my religion, my teachings, my faith, and anything myself and the Order take part in. basically the buck stops here. I will protect the members, followers and helpers at all costs, their identity will be protected at their request. I will not be walked over or allow anyone to discriminate against us over our religion.

As I have said before I am humbled to have so many people who want to follow my path. I follow my own path and that has brought me to teaching, this is why the Order was originally formed. My teaching and faith moved the Order in the direction of the faith I have in Spirit. I speak for myself and in doing so I speak for the Order of the Golden River. Not the indvidual members as I'm sure they can speak for themselves.

Lastly I come to my title.

I am registered as a member of clergy and as an officiant to marry people legally anywhere in Northern Ireland (Handfastings). The Order of the Golden River is registered as a Denomination and called a (Church) by the department of Statistic's and Research under Article 11 of the Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003. The Order is registered with other goverment departments.

I have been called a Celtic Shamanic Priest, a Pagan High Priest, a Shaman, also a Druid and an International Psychic among other things I wouldn't like to repeat. These names have been bestowed upon me by others. I am not a self proclamed anything. The most hateful and nasty comments have come from people of our own fath, where is the honour the pagan faith teaches?

I call myself PATRICK, when asked what I work as, I say I'm 'a non-Christian high Priest' the answer I usually get is 'Oh' and the topic is changed.

I'm sorry for boring you so much and I hope this has given you some insite into my life. I am here for anyone who wishes to contact me.

Thank You


BTW. I can be seen walking in the Summer/Autum months in my bare feet. It's because I feel more grounded and in connection with nature, and yes sometimes I do get cuts on my feet. But Hay that's just the natural way.
Atlantis Eire 
published in Ireland
based in Castlebar Co Mayo Ireland this Magazine covers everything Holistic in nature.
The first issue was April/May 2015 and is published bi-monthly.
The main Aims of the
The Order of the Golden River

1. To develop and further our beliefs in the ways of our ancestors.

2. To worship and honour the deity's or energies we work with.

3. To set worshiping space (Temple Space) to honour our deity's and Spirit World.

4. We will meet for worship at least twice a month to honour the deity's and Spirits. In addition to this we will also meet and honour
     the  eight sabots of the cycle (wheel) of the year.

5. Other events will also be carried out. Handfastings, Naming ceremonies, dedications, Rites of Passage etc.

6. We will honour the right of every person to have their own beliefs.

7. We will help anyone who asks for help. Every person deserves that help.

8. Defend with honour our beliefs, the Sick, weak and anyone who asks for help.

9. We do not discramate against anyone on the grounds of religion, disability, age or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome.

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