The Order of the Golden River

The Order of the Golden River was officially given the title of the

Denomination - Golden River, Glengormley

Patrick Carberry has been registered as an Officiant for the above denomination (and Church) under the provisions of Article 11 of the Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 and he is therefore autherised to solemnize marriages in Northern Ireland under this Order.

The Order of the Golden River was named as a Church by the General Registrars Office. (this is a goverment issue, we have no control over this)

The Order of the Golden River is a Pagan Denomination (not as such a Church) and doesn't worships in buildings, but in Nature, we use ancient sites, open areas, woodland and other places to be close to the Deities and land we honour.

The Order of the Golden River is based in Glengormley, starting in. Other Glens will be opening soon worldwide.

One to the places we honour our Deities and carry out naming ceremonies pictured oppisite.

Struall Wells Downpatrick Co Down
Northern Ireland

Photo Patrick E Carberry © 2015
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